Why would you replace LCD on MacBook and not LCD cable?


After lots of unsuccessful tinkering to try and fix my broken screen, I've given in and going to take it for repair.

As a quick history of the problem: I took the screen assembly off my MacBook to tighten the screws as it was flopping down all the time. When I reinstalled it, the screen turned pink/blue depending on what angle it was at. After a while, it eventually just stopped working.

I ordered a new LCD cable and today have tried to take the glass off though after lots of heat-gunning and pulling, I've decided that this isn't really a problem I can solve. I've been quoted from various places a lot of money - all have stated that I would need a new LCD.

My question: financial reasons aside, why would they automatically assume it's the LCD that needs replacing, and not the cable that connects it? The fact the screen worked depending on the angle suggests to me that it was the cable/connection that was damaged.

Should I try and see if they'll try replacing the cable first, with the one I've already bought or consign myself to replacing the LCD?

Or, should I try again and see if I can fix it myself considering it's around £200 to get it fixed? (Any more tips for getting the screen off would be greatly appreciated).

Thank you

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Nick, it would be great if you can give us the last four digits of your computers serial number. With that we could properly identify which Macbook you have and the hardware in it.


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