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Model A1112 / 512 MB or 1 GB capacity

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My shuffle will not charge, no lights or anything?

The 1st generation unit has had minimal use in the last 2 years, the other day while jogging it cut off, DEAD,. I thought it was the batt but whn i plugged it in no lights, the computer does not recognize anything... I more than likley sweat in the unit!! Help

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The battery gets older - with or without usage

(sometimes is not using worse than using it)

follow this guide and disassemble it, look out for possible fluid damage signs (white/greenish stuff on the components), if there are any signs of a fluid damage - clean the logic board with isopropyl alcohol (>90%) and a soft paintbrush - if there aren't any signs of fluids inside the shuffle - take a multimeter (maybe borrow one) and measure the battery - if it's lower than ~ 3.4V the computer won't recognitze the iPod and would not charge it.

the shuffle has a Li-Po cell - they could die within seconds - especially when they wheren't much in use (deep discharging kills Li-Po cells) - if the cell has 0V - you should get a new one

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Yeah I have an Ipod Shuffle 1st Generation as well. But, I have charged it for 24 hours and there is still no lights, and it won't load on Itunes. It is completely dead but how do I make it charge so that it will work?

Help :/

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