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Released September 14, 2012, Apple's EarPod headphones are a new revision to their iconic white headphones. Model number: MNHF2AM/A.

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How to open the frun mesh on apple earPods

hello guy, I wanth to kno how I open the frun mesh on my apple earPods, the sound is really anoying verry quite, I try to cleanit but nuthing heppen.

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First learn how to spell...

But just suck on the big mesh that goes into your ear canal...

Sounds weird but it works

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Thanks pal helped me a bunch... but it seems it gets kinda "opera" is sound now whit it being kinda contained but getting out on the same its okay!


Davyd Tennis - You are a genius - Thank you! My daughter dropped one side of the earbuds in a glass of milk. I kept it in with silica pacs for a week but I could only barely hear out of it. Once I sucked on it and actually blew into it a couple of times it mostly fixed the problem, still not quite as loud as the other earbud, but good enough for this mom xoxo


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