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Headphones released in 2011 for use with XBOX 360. They are identified by the model number X12.

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Headset Light not appearing on?

My headset recently stopped working for some reason. The light on the control box is not lit and I can't hear or talk to others with it. Is there anyway to fix this? If so I would love to know. Thanks in Advance.

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The red LED is only a power indicator. It should light up anytime you plug it into a USB port. Have you tried to plug it into a different USB port as well as a different device? Has this just started or did anything happen to your headset?


There is no light at all it is just black. I have tried plugging it into other USB ports and nothing happens. I have even tried it in a completely different computer. This started Yesterday and I have done nothing to it, I set it down on a shelf for the night then I woke up and put it on and I found out it is completely dead.


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Exactly the same problem. I think its

just a piece of $@$*. Not ever 3 months old and treated with care.

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danielsbsurveys, I understand your frustration but instead of belly aching about it, you could try and ask a proper question. May be somebody can actually help you with that. What model are your headphones? What have you tried? What console do you use those with? The more detail you provide the greater the chance to get a valid answer.


Ur dumb dainel what more could he say


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