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The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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Everything works except touch screen

My phone turns on, sound and power buttons work. There are not any visual issues with the screen. It boots up and goes to the unlock screen like always, except the touch screen is not working. I do not want to sound dumb, but please tell me this is something simple like a loose connection, or there is some kind of reset I can do to recalibrate the touch recognition. Any input is appreciated!!!

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Hello Shay, Good morning. I first may ask if you have rooted installed a new rom on your device, I was looking around and found quite a lot of people with this same issue, maybe its a long therm problem created for pushing people to buy newer devices, :)

I found this little guide telling how to calibrate it:

I dont have any HTC device so I cant really test it. Off course if you cant even pass the lock screen than I am bringing you to false ways, xD

You could try to hard reset and see if it solve, apparently using Htc sync: will allow you to backup your stuff from the computer without having to use the screen.

for a Hard reset of your device,:

And if the hard reset fails could be that a Digitizer cable either unplug or broke inside, and if you are feeling confident tear it apart and check it out.

The only video I could find was this one:

It may looks bad quality but I guess it is enough.

Now if the digitizer is broken I found this one on ebay:

I maybe took the wrong Htc Desire, so check it out it matches your phone if you that motivated to fix it.

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Thank you soo much! Iwill try all of it!!!


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Glad I maybe helped, Have fun fixing it, :) hope you manage

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