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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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not charging

My I pod no longer charging I bought several charging cords and docks and still nothing happening. I think its the battery. I made an appointment with the smart heads at apple and they want to sell me a new one for $149.00. They want to trade the old one for a new one and 1 year warranty. The tech didnt even took 5 minutes to check it. He told me Oh! Theres something wrong its not comunicating with my Pc. You need a new one. Sounds to me like I bunch of boloni. Im an Hvac tech and do it yourself type of guy and I really belive in checking things out first before making a decition.I think its the battery because I was on vaccation in Daytona Beach and we took the I pod with us. The Resort that we were staying in had a radio that had a dock and we plug the ipod in it and it charge it. We were litening to music on the radio. Now the battery its dead again and we have try to charge it with the pc and with the radio dock and its not taking charge. So that is why Im thinking its the battery. If anybody have any suggestions Please let me know. Thank You.

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if it works while plugged in but doesn't hold a charge, it's likely the battery has died. they don't last forever, and I'd guess your 1st gen iPod touch may be a couple years old now

it's not hard to replace the battery yourself.


you can find Apple's policy and pricing to replace out of warranty iPod batteries here.

You can see that their charge for 1st Gen iPod touch battery replacement is: $149(8GB)/$199(16GB)/$249(32GB). so probably the price they told you is correct, assuming you have 8GB model. Of course it's cheaper to replace it yourself.

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I saw this yesterday and Im going to order it. If this works Im going back to apple and have a talk with the dude!


Have you installed a battery yet? Just curious as I have a iPod with battery issues.


I wonder how much it costs now?


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I was not impressed with the Genius counter either but I guess some people have come out ahead with them. Probably depends on the problem.

Maybe the radio dock you were using did not know when your battery was charged and overcharged your battery.

I think a replacement battery is $7.00. Be careful getting the old one loose. I thought I was careful but still managed to cause bleeding on my LCD screen.

Every site I have read makes it sound like the glue comes loose with minimum force. Maybe that is true when the glue is new but on these older iPods I have messed with the glue is very hard to get loose.

IMHO a 1st Gen is easier to get apart then a 2nd gen but just be careful around the antenna area as there are delicate parts and also antenna parts that like to get lost and are not replaceable.

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The pins are probably bent or snapped ..

its hard to fix the dock of ipod..its even harder trying to change the battery without breaking the glass. to find the pins are bent!

sell it on ebay they love broken things on that site..get a good price as well.

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