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The MessagePad was the first series of personal digital assistant devices developed by Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.)

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How to rebuild the battery?

My messaged didn't come with the easily replaceable battery tray, but rather a battery pack. Is there somewhere I can buy one, or rebuild it easily?

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This pack is the most difficult to refurbish of all Newton and eMate packs, but don’t worry: It can be done. Here's how:

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hello! you can now purchase a perfectly 3d printed battery tray which can function both as a aa battery holder (non rechargeable batteries) as well as a rechargeable battery pack. the installation process is a bit different if you are using standard aa batteries vs rechargeable as with the rechargeable you need the thermistor and fuse installed and connected to the traces on the bottom of the tray but its quite easy to put together with some basic soldering equipment. they are available on ebay:

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