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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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How Clean Dust inside LCD Panel

Recently I noticed a small shadows inside my iMac screen,

I tried to search for a solution, but all I can find is the cleaning process for non-unibody iMacs (before 2012 models).

Is there anyway to clean it?

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I know how to take off the screen, but the problem is: how to disassemble the screen itself to clean the outer panel?


Hello, I have the same issue, it would be great to find out if the screen/foils can be taken apart after the removal from the bezel. Thank you!


Sorry Dex

The cover glass and the LCD assembly are glued together. Its just not possible to take apart without making a bigger mess.

A problem people think is dust is in fact screen burn in. I'm sure thats your issue here.


Sorry Dan,

Screen burn-in is NOT possible on a LCD panel! Dead or stuck pixels can be a problem on a LCD panel, but not burn-in. If the panels were OLED, which they are not, you would experience color fade and burn-in. Because it uses organic dyes that fad over time, especially the blue for some reason. Unlike LCD panels, OLED panels will not stand the test of time. 20 years later the LCD will work, where as the OLED will be hard to watch what it’s displaying! My point is that you are incorrect on it being burn-in and most likely it is indeed dust under the screen!


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Given the age of your system I would bring it back to Apple as this would be covered under warranty.

The display cover glass is now a sealed with the LCD panel (thin series) all one unit, unlike the older iMac's. They are not designed to be taken apart and in doing so you run the risk of breaking it!

Here's the IFIXIT guide on taking the display off but even still you would need a new one to replace yours. iMac Intel 27" EMC 2639 Display Replacement. As you can see even this is a big job.

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Hello all, I’m starting to get the same issue with dust inside my iMac 27” (Late 2013) screen. I found this video on YouTube which shows you how to separate the LCD from the glass to remove the dust. Unfortunately it doesn’t go into the finer details of what goes where but might be a good place to start if you want to try and clean it yourselves. Maybe someone can make a newer tutorial based on this one?

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How did it come out?

My 14 month old 27" new model has it on bottom left and right corner just like my older iMac 24" model have had the screen pop out easily. I'm paying 190$ for the work. Why would they make it sealed if someone wanted to get in and work on it. Maybe the previous models were too easy! Still this seems to be an issue with iMacs 2 for 2 for me...

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@Mark - The screen and cover glass is now one unit. I doubt the assembly came apart. What you likely saw was the complete screen assembly popping free. Are you sure you bought your system new? and/or did you have it serviced (opened) at some point. I suspect the person who serviced it failed to replace the tapes which secure the display assembly to the case frame. The last possibility here: Did you bend the case some how? If the case is slightly warped the glass can over time pull away.



My previous iMac 24" had dust underneath... But, that screen easily came off with suction cups for cleaning by my Mac guy and snapped back in nicely. My brand new (Oct 13) iMac 27" which I ordered from my Apple store (yes, brand new) here in Scottsdale AZ. Ordered with a VESA mount and installed on an ergotron articulating wall mount.

These new iMacs screens are mounted with special tape, adhesive etc, is of course quite different from the previous models where the screen 'popped out' so to speak from the little magnetic pins for easy cleaning/repair. No my screens never popped out on their own, i didn't phrase my initial message correctly.

So my question for you before mine gets picked up Sat to clean dust on the inside screen in both bottom corners, is how did yours come out after you detached the screen, cleaning the inside Glass and Reattached the Glass panel/screen???

I greatly appreciate your time


@Mark - I think you're getting worried here needlessly. As the cover glass is sealed with the LCD the possibility of dust getting in-between is very remote. Yes, in the manufacturing process it could get in which was the original OP's problem here. I would again keep an eye out for any dust during the first months and if you do see anything bring it back to Apple under warranty. Even after the warranty period ended would I still bring it back to Apple as the cover glass and LCD are so tightly bonded you will (yes will) break the cover glass and/or LCD trying to break them apart. If you need to enter your iMac (or replace the display assembly) you can follow this IFIXIT guide: iMac Intel 27" EMC 2639 Display Replacement.


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