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Repair and disassembly guides for Apple Time Capsule wireless network devices.

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Faulty power supply, need to replace Diode

I'm trying to identify a diode from a power supply from 2Tb Time capsule (Model A1409) which is currently not working. The component seems to have leaked.

Block Image

Block Image

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This looks like a common 4000 series:

Reading the Stripes

Hold the diode with the separate colored stripe to the left. The stripe identifies the cathode, that is, the direction the current flows. In this position you can now read the stripes from the left going right.

Identify the first and the second stripes if the diode has three stripes. If it has four stripes identify the colors of the first three stripes. Write them down.

Color Code Table

The color coding rating table below is used to identify the value of each color code:

Black -- 0

Brown -- 1

Red -- 2

Orange -- 3

Yellow -- 4

Green -- 5

Blue -- 6

Violet -- 7

Gray -- 8

White -- 9

Tolerance Rating

The last stripe (as long as there are 3 or less) is used to determine the number of zeros. For example, red, red, red will have a value of 2,200 ohms. A fourth band is an accuracy tolerance band. The tolerance rating is shown below:

Gold - +/- 5%

Silver - +/- 10%

Compute by adding or subtracting the percentage to or from the value result of the three stripes.

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Hello mayer, thanks for your feedback. On closer inspection of the component there is no actual band but a split that runs all around the item and the electrolyte material has oozed through it.


Try taking it to Radio Shack for identification and replacement.


did you ever find a replacement diode. i believe i have the same problem. the drive spins up, but there is no indicator light.


geo1600 Diodes do not have electrolyte material in them. Most common material for diodes is silicon. Take a picture of the other side and see what it shows. Also, what is the reference designator on the logic board? If it is a diode it should have a D or something with a D like ZD etc.


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Faced with a similar problem, but I have all the fun:

Time capsule 2GB, 4th Generation A1409. If i start it – it works. If i turn off and start again - it does not work:

The LED is not lights;

Ports do not lights;

No AirPort connection;

Fan, HDD – spinning OK!

If there is no power for 1-2 days, I'm trying to start – it`s works! I think this is the super magic of Apple!

I'm Check the power supply - running output of 5.2 and 12.2 volts. This unknown element "J6" - as "broken" as pictured above. In my opinion, it's just a bridge into a ferrite ring and its replacement will not solve anything. All who have such a problem, write what you have voltage at the output of the power supply.

I'm trying to connect a working power supply from an old PC. Nothing has changed - if you turn after a long wait - works. If you turn off and turn on again - it does not work! It can be concluded that my problem in the power supply and the element "J6". I think the problem is somewhere in the motherboard and the problem is connected only with the power supply circuit 5 volts.

Found here is the solution:

But I do not try it, I think the problem is not a bad soldering or overheating, and something else.

If you see new ideas - I try to warm up this motherboard.

Interests Your ideas!

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I wasn't loosing LED status, but device was none responsive. Unfortunately in doing the disassembly, the fan jack popped off the board - not sure 3 of the 4 pads were ever soldered down... the 4th one definitely tore off the board. Believe it is the 5v supply for the fan.


Since writing the last comment in the past 7 months, I write now the status of my Time capsule A1409 is:

At the beginning of 2016 I made a warm MB of TC in the oven, and as written here:

Thanks Ray Haverfield for your help in the placement of instructions

After heating TC worked and continues to work today. I believe that my method is quite effective. But remember, that whatever you do is your own risk!


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Sorry for my late post, but I've come across this in the course of other research. Someone asked me the exact same question about the exact same component some days ago, but with a better picture.

If I'm not mistaken, this component is identified on the silk screen as "J6", being "jumper # 6". Indeed it seems to be a simple wire bridge with a ferrite core meant as RFI screening.

Measure its resistance, on- or off-circuit: it will measure about 0 Ohms in both directions. Definitely not a diode. What the leaking white putty is, I don't know, however.

Not the cause of a malfunctioning PSU in my book...

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Hi to all. I got the same issue. the drive spins, but the lights from the front are off. time to time, the lights turns on and in a few seconds are of again. After small inspection, the same part on the photo above, looks like is swelling. trying to go on the web finding these part is almost imposible, can we use the another part for it? or there are some work around for these?

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Is there no markings? Generally they are 600v 3a

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