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I am trying to change the battery on a SkyCaddie?

SkyCaddie 2.5 Battery replacement sells golf GPS devices that give accurate distances from your exact position to the hole on the green.

I have the SG 2.5 and it's battery is reaching end of life.

I can search for batteries for this device on amazon and EBAY and purchase them but cannot find instructions on how to remove the back to see the battery.

SG says the battery is not replaceable-they want me to buy a new device ( i got this for father's day in 2009 and it work great!).

so does anyone have an idea how to remove the back? It has (3) small torx screws which I remeoved but that's as far as I can get safely....

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bought my watch 2013,won,t hold a charge for 18 holes,Skycaddie told me out of warranty & don,t sell batteries i should buy a new watch. why should i buy any more Sktcaddie products if they only last 3yrs. i ask myself. some friends were asking me what i thought of the product ,when i explained the problem they said thanks & will not buy their products


Okay, I had the same problem. I measured the physical dimensions of the battery and was able to find a replacement on ebay. The battery comes with a connector that you need to cut wires and replace with connector on original battery. Minor solder job. My watch is back to holding a charge for at least 2 rounds. Search on ebay for this. 2X 3.7V 300mAh Rechargeable Lipo Battery Pack PCM 602030 High Rate for MP3 MP4


I have the same problem. My GPS watch will not hold a charge for a complete round of golf. Where can I find the battery? I have a Skycaddie Linx. I called the company and got the same run a round " we don't sell the battries" I will not buy a new Skycaddie of any type ever again. A..Holes!


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The manufacturer warning for the batteries:

Use only batteries supplied by SkyGolf® to operate your

SkyCaddie; use of non-authorized batteries can void your product

warranty. Your SkyCaddie may not operate properly or can be severely

damaged by using non-authorized batteries.

I found these batteries all over the web as far as retailers so a quick google search for "Skygolf batteries" and your model should bring up some options for you to pick a supplier that meets your requirements. .

To Remove the Battery:

1. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the three recessed screws on the


2. Gently open the rubber plug on the right side of the unit.

3. Place the SkyCaddie in the palm of your hand with the screen facing down and

the antenna away from you. With your free hand slowly pull down on the front

half of the SkyCaddie.

4. Place the bottom half (the side with the battery) on a flat surface battery up,

belt clip button down.

5. If there is a plastic bar over the battery, gently press up on the right-side of the

bar to release it. Otherwise, continue to step 6.

6. Unplug the battery and remove.

To Install the Battery:

1. Plug the new battery into the connector at the bottom of the circuit board. The

red wire goes on the left. The connector is polarized and can only be plugged

in one way. Do not force the connector in backwards.

2. Set the battery back into the battery compartment and tuck the wires along the

top, but not under the battery, so that they do not extend past the height of the

battery or raise the height of the battery.

3. Align and connect the two halves.

4. Gently press the two halves of the SkyCaddie together and replace the screws.

5. Close rubber plug on the right-side of the SkyCaddie.

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Thank you very much for your response. I came across that very set of instructions, among other similar ones early on. If it were that easy, I would have felt a exhilarating feeling using a screw driver in step #1. LOL. Alas, There is no rubber plug on the right side of the SG 2.5. In step #3 there is no slowly pulling down the front half of the unit. It simply doesn't move. I can, with great dificulty, pry the antenna side of the unit a 1/4" that's it, even less at the USB plug. The front or back is intractable....

There's gotta be a trick to this.


The belt holder knob hides the 3rd screw.I don't use it so just used a screwdriver to pry it off the back.It should slide but I think it was glued on


I found all 3 screws on the SG 2.5 but that hasn’t helped. I’m hoping someone with a 2.5 will send successful instructions with whatever trick works.


I'm going to take a hammer to this watch after some much communication with the company. I've had enough, never again.


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I used a screwdriver and pried it open - slowly jimmied it all the way around. It did make small marks on both the front and back panel where I pried...but I sanded them off.

My battery was fixed to the back panel by double sided, black tape. It was a delicate procedure getting it off without breaking the back panel. After I figured out it was tape, I used my regular screwdriver and slid under the tape.

Unplugs very easily and snapped back together.

Just tried it again to make sure I did not break anything before writing this to you. It is good to go.

Also, the screws take a T6 torque bit fitting. You will run the risk of stripping the heads if you use a Phillips screwdriver.

Hope this helped.

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I just did it, too, according to makress1. I was afraid to pry open the case until I read he did that. My battery was double stick taped in, too. Very easy once you get a tork 6 (I think) screwdriver bit. So, about $14 for the battery and $7 for a set of small tork screwdriver bits and a driver. Give it a shot. Unless your all thumbs, you'll get it done!


I bought the replacement battery for my SGX .W through Amazon for under £13, Sky Caddie wanted £49. I followed the instructions from jackh ( the set of small tork screwdrivers were under £7 from Maplins) the torque size used was number 10 the screws holding the back on were tamper evident. I gently eased a flat screwdriver under the existing battery and with minimum pressure it came away quite easily. About 10 minutes in all and job done!


Did any of the ones that succeeded work on an SG 2.5?


I can’t get my SG 2.5 open no matter how much I pry and I’m afraid to break the case.


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There are eight mini screws to remove back cover of Skycaddie watch.

I bought a replacement battery 3.7v, 250mah and repalce the battery.

Please note that you need to get a service to replace the comnector ro your new battery.

If anyone would like to buy the above battery, please drop a not to and i will provide more information.

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I have the Izzo 3000 golf gps, it has screws on the back which came out fine. The battery was soldered in, using a solder iron I took it out and then soldered in the now battery I purchased from eBay. As for your Sky Caddie, I'm sure a sharp blade of some kind can be wedged into it somewhere making it pop open. Have you checked You-Tube for a video that might show you how, good luck.

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