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The Samsung Rant is a messaging phone designed and marketed by Samsung Mobile.

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battery does not snap all the way in &cover won't close

Battery on Samsung Rant phone does not snap all the way & cover won't close tight,what would cause this?

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JANET LANGEBERG, to get the battery completely seated, make sure that you have the right battery. If you are certain you do, check the battery contacts on the phone. Make sure they are not bend and keep the battery from being properly seated. Anything else, there is no reason for the battery not to fit properly. The back case should snap in once the battery is seated.

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it's the right battery but doesn't snap in,the phone got wet a month ago been working until now,takes a charge but doesn't last when you try to make calls,thanks for your help,i will take it to sprint store!


Your battery may be swelling up form fluid exposure. This may prevent it from properly fitting.


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