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Samsung's 5th-generation Android-based Galaxy smartphone was released April 11, 2014. Improvements to the phone include a fingerprint scanner, updated camera, larger display, and water resistance. It is available in four different colors; black, blue, white, and copper.

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How do I replace the screen glass only?

How do i replace the glass for the screen not the lcd and digitizer.

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You can find the videos to replace Galaxy S4 glass only, it's same way for Galaxy S5. Must be careful, don't break the LCD.

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here i made a video

about how to change it in theory. it is very accurate in whiteboard.

it is about 30 minutes but it will help you to understand all you must do.

here it is other video about samsung s3, all galayx are very simillar

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Is the lcd glued to the glass screen


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