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The fifth Google Nexus phone. Officially announced on October 31, 2013, it sports a 4.95" 1080p display, a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon processor, and LTE support. Powered by Android 4.4.2, KITKAT. Manufactured by LG.

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Screen unstuck from body

My nexus 5 screen is not glued together with the body anymore. This is very disturbing as drops of water or dust particules may enter in the phone and damage it. Is there a solution to fix it without damaging the display as when I've asked local service repair shops they refuse to try to fix it as they say that the risk to damage the screen is to high.

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You can get a new Nexus 5 LCD screen assemblyand try to replace it by yourself.

The LCD, digitize and frame are glued together tightly. It is very easy to break one part when you replace other part. So you need to replace the whole assembly.

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