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My wifi is not working?

Since December my wifi stopped working. When I try to turn it on, it just won't. In the beggining i thought tha it was a saftware problem, but when I brought it to samsung they said that it was the hardware and wanted to charge R$500,00 to change the wifi module. I am thinking of changing it myself, but i can't find any tutorial on the internet and I don't want to do it not knowing how to. I would be pleased if you made a tutorial teaching how to fix the wifi. Thank you

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My samsung s4 no wifi and signal for msm

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Hi! I have s4 with VERY POOR WIFI. I then got a smashed s4 in ebay. I tried to detach the bottom wifi connector. Signal went just a little worse. About the same. The antenna is in the bottom back part with speaker assembly. I perhaps think it was faulty. Maybe moist, dirt, water or??? Anyway i clicked both backcovers off and switched them. NOW WIFI IS FINE!! PERFECT LIKE ALL MY ITHER PHONES!!. SO IT HAS TO DO WITH THE ANTENNA I SIDE THE BACKCOVER BOTTOM. Regards lis

Ps be careful when clicking off backcover. I use a nail and press to the clicks snao up. Gentle!!

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