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A popular graphic calculator released by Texas Instruments in 1996.

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How to fix the graph

When I plug in a problem like in the y= and then go to graph it my graph is only shoring up on the left side so all you can see is the bottom and top of the y axis which is normal but all you can see on the x axis is the right side. So it won't show the full graph but rather just the left. How do I get it back to a normal graph?

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Hi Britney,

It sounds like you need to adjust the window of the graph. You can do that by clicking on the 'window' button and filling in the Xmin, Xmax and Ymin and Ymax values.

Or you can do it the easy way by clicking on the 'zoom' button and then selecting 'ZStandard'. It will change to window of the graph to the standard size of -10 and +10 on both axes.

Good luck!


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