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other pepole can`t hear me

i have a problem with microfone, i can`t hear nobody, i already change the dock with microfone complete new and this option don`t help me. I need change something else? where?

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If people can hear you it's not the audio ic chip

I would try another chat hour port it's possible you bought a faulty part.

Try this when you get new part see pic

Actually install it directly without taking the charging port out then insert battery and start up phone the make a call and see if that mic works

It saves you time from taking phone apart if part doesn't work..

I do this with most repairs it saves time if parts faulty

Block Image

Block Image

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If you can't hear them either and they can't hear you there is a problem with you audio ic chip.. Try this


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i try this think and dont help me,

this is what i do for try fixit:

1 change complete connector dock with new mic

2 follow your advies

the strange is i change all things and still the same, i mean i ear the people btu they can t ear me, if i talk hands free they ear me fine or by viver skype etc, what i need to do more?


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Definitely start with with Con's link. Also, new dock connectors typically have bad mic's. For whatever reason they have really high failure rates. You should check the return policy.

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I go try that again like you say, with new part, because I have done at begin, change all dock part inc mic, so I go buy a new item I will try again once thanks I let you know what happens then

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