White Display Any Answers?

Hi, my powerbook was dropped about 12" onto my foot while it was in it's computer bag and it left a dent in the left front corner. The problem is the display is now white.

I took off the damaged display and attached a good display and that worked fine. Then I slowly exchanged cables trying to see which part was bad. Problem nothing worked.

So since I'm still stuck with a white display, after using a good display cable, good inverter board, and the other three cables does that mean only one thing that I need a new display??

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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You talk about putting on a good display on and it worked, was this an external display?


Hi Dan, no it wasn't an external display. I took a working display off of another powerbook and put it on the one that wasn't working and it worked fine. Right now I'm putting all the cables and wires from the non-working display on the working display to see what happens.


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