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Why is the replacement battery connector different from the oem?

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Why is this battery connector different? Did you send me the wrong one? It's supposed to be for an iphone4s.

The old battery is 3.7v=5.3Whr

and the one you sent me is 3.7v=5.25Whr

old vpn is LIS1474APPC


But the real problem is that the new one has a smaller plug plate and missing a mounting screw hole Arrggggh!

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I ordered a rep i4s battery replacement kit and had the same issue. Obviously there was a design rev and someone forgot to notify parts suppliers. It may also be that they're trying to dump old inventory on the unsuspecting.


I got a replacement battery,they gave me the old one from my phone isVPN:LIS1474APPC ,,i am not sure they change it or just gave me just a used battery.????


Because its a Iphone4 battery and not a Iphone4s


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The top battery is iPhone 4S, the lower iPhone 4. You are correct the iPhone 4S battery connector has two screw holes and the iPhone 4 only one. Surely a mixup.

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2 screws iPhone 4S

1 screw iphone 4

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your new battery is for Iphone 4 and your old is for Iphone 4S

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