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Can I install a GPS antenna on Ipad Mini WiFi Only?

Can I install a GPS antenna on the iPad Mini WiFi only with these steps?

iPad Mini Wi-Fi GPS Antenna Replacement


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Apple has different logic boards for the WiFi only Vs the cellular/WiFi units. The needed chips are not on the WiFi only model.

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You can add an external GPS, like the ones from Bad Elf.

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Are you still able to find them??


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I’m no expert on the subject, and I am here because I was pondering the procedure as well. Dan’s response leads me to another question. If you were to procure a “for parts only” iPad mini of the same generation and transfer from it, the gps antenna and logic board, would that circumvent the roadblock? I think it would be possible as long as the hardware wasn’t iCloud locked. But again, this is merely a presumption of mine.

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