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Jenn Air Mod JSD2695KES Warm? Bad Evaporator Fan?

Jenn Air side-by-side refrigerator model #JSD2695KES, 6.5 years old, normally set at 0/34 degrees, small family - so moderate use. Kept clean underneath, moderately full on both sides but not stuffed, no ice blocks or frost anywhere.

Last November both the freezer and refrigerator warmed up to the high 40's out of no where, opened up the lower rear section and the compressor was warm and had a slight vibration (seemed to be running normally) and the fan in lower rear was running (evaporator fan?).

Left unplugged off and on for a day, then unplugged for 2 days, plugged it back in and it just took off and ran fine until yesterday when it warmed back up.

This time and the previous time also - when you would unplug it for several minutes and plug it back in - it sounds like the compressor starts normally and runs, as well as the fan. The day last Nov when it resurrected, it sounded upon start up just as it sounded every other time, but obviously it was chilling then.

The plugged in and temp set as normal (0/34) the upper sections of both sides get up into the high 40's, but the lower sections are quite cold.

I feel no airflow from the vents on the fridge side of unit. Removed the rear panel of freezer compartment - the evaporator fan is not running (bearings seem fine, but taped door switch down and fan did not start). Evaporator coil has some frost on it, but with the fridge being down for 24 hours, plugged and unplugged, door open etc. no surprise.

Could the unit be stuck in defrost mode, keeping the fan from engaging? If not that, perhaps the evaporator fan is bad? But wouldn't there be some odor or arcing visible? Is there a way for a novice to trouble shoot the fan motor?

If it's some problem with a control module or board - can I diagnose that?

Thanks in advance for any assistance - would rather handle this myself and save a few $$$.


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Hey, thanks for the response.

In this instance it was my Evaporator fan. As the compressor was working normally and the freezer and fresh food boxes were cold in the bottom (but not the top) it seemed to be a circulation issue.

Fairly straight forward to remove the back panel from the freezer box, the evaporator fan is right there (not working...), I pulled it and hooked power to it via an old extension cord. When it did not power up, I went and secured a replacement, installed it and 1.5 hrs later we are back at 0/34 degrees.

I was concerned it was the defrost timer or a relay that perhaps I couldn't easily trouble shoot, but thankfully it was straight forward.

I bought the fan motor locally, which I like to do, but paid $12 more than the on-line w/ shipping option.

But at the time getting the refrigerator running was priceless.

Hope this helps someone else out in the future.


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I had a similar issue with my Jenn-Air FD fridge. Check out YouTube & search for "refrigerator repair".

In my case, the compressor start relay failed.

At the time, OEM part cost around $100 but the appliance parts salesman recommended an older style, (larger) version for around $20. I installed it with a few modifications and it worked great for a couple more years.

Good Luck!


This may be a better search

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