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Second generation of CDMA iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB and Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1397. Repair is detailed and requires heat and prying.

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Front glass ajar and dust

I went to a Frankenstein local company to replace my glass when I broke it. Unfortunately they did not seal the new glass correctly and it has been ajar for some time with dust now accumulating inside. What do you recommend to clean out the inside and to retape it? Is this something I can do myself?

Thanks in advance.

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All the repair guides here totally ignore the foam gasket that prevents dust. You should get a set, although it is very difficult to find.

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hi tony,

the foam gasket u can buy on etradesupply.

i can not give u a link, cause the system will mark it at spam- this already happened.

etradesupply has a warehouse in the US.

i am in switzerland and order from the warehouse in china.

it's the best foam gasket i ever saw, cause it's comeing on a template.

just place the template over the lcd and push a little bit the foam and take it off and thats it.

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