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Lançado em junho de 2009, o 1005HA é identificado por seu design de "Concha do mar" e está disponível em diversas versões com diversos sistemas operacionais e armazenamentos internos, assim como baterias de diferentes tamanhos.

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How can I find an Eee 1005HA compatible screen?

I ordered a replacement monitor from a reputable vendor for our cracked Asus Eee 1005HA, but when I received the order, the two screen connections, where the wiring plugs in, didn't match (pic here).

I contacted Asus, which provided me the following information on the screen:


Part number:


But I can't find replacements for that part number mentioned anywhere on the Internet!

Can I jerry-rig a connector for the monitor I already bought? They appear to have the same number of pins. The new, incompatible screen seller offer to exchange or refund it, which I'm happy to do if it doesn't work, but I really want to get this fixed.

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It was nice of Asus to give you part information!


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finding an lcd should not be the problem - ebay helps

but since you've already got the wrong one, try to search for the lcd with the info's you got on the original screen's backside.

the asus part number won't help much - try to google it ;-)

search for us sellers and simply ask them about the connector

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You need an HANNSTAR HSD100IFW1 panel.

I had the exact same problem - ordered a replacement LCD, and got the same type you got. Wasn't too happy about it because the eBay vendor stated it was for the 1005HA.

Luckily enough, I ran across this page where they explain the exact panel needed for the 1005HA.

Hope this helps. The Hannstar panels are found on eBay, but my problem is that the vendors show the panel back without the foil cover, and I'm not sure if I need to move the foil over or what. I'll find out soon enough. :)

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Thanks! Would you mind updating when you get a chance to confirm it works? The netbook is still sitting, screenless and sad.

Thanks for updating here!


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hi! it is 10inch screen, WSVGA (1024x600), Matte, you can buy from

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available from Amazon


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