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A segunda geração do iPad com modelos Wi-Fi, GSM e CDMA. Alguns modelos foram atualizados antes do iPad 3. O reparo é difícil e requer procedimentos de calor e separação.

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I dropped my iPad 2! it shows red white and blue colors

The side of my bed is against a wall. My bed had moved and my iPad fell thought the space between my bed and the wall. It was really late and I was tired so I just left it there not thinking anything of it cuz this has happened before. When I looked at it this morning it was broken. It works completely fine it just is all fuzzy and only displays the everything in blue red and white. I don't know what to do. Do I have to take it in to get it fixed? Can I fix it myself? How much is it going to cost?

Ps. The screen isn't even cracked it's just the colors it is displaying.

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Give the back of it a nice firm smack. That may fix your problem as the connector may have gotten loosened when it fell.

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I think your LCD is broken..

because there was a pressure on your ipad glas, the glas touched the lcd what may occur the red white blue colors. This also happens when ipads falls from a distant.

It can also be your lcd cable what is loosened from the lcd connector on your logicboard..

But think its more your LCD :)

There is one way to figure that out and that is : exactly, open your ipad.

Because your ipad glas isn't broken its very hard to open glas from your ipad without breaking it.

If you didn't repaired ipad digitizer's earlier i suggest that you don't do this repair yourself.

What now ?

So you need a new iPad 2 LCD and Ipad 2 digitizer.. OR

If the cable is loosened and it works fine after reseating it, you only need a Ipad 2 Digitizer.

hope this helped you out..

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