24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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I can speakers but no video.

I have an A1267 display that does not display anything but will play through the speakers when my MacBook is hooked up. I replaced the led cinema logic board but no help. Does the power supply operate the screen ?

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stuart, just to make sure. You tried your display on another computer?


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do you see a faint image on the screen when its black? you may need to shine a torch on it to be sure, as it will be very faint... also, check in the system profiler of your machine to ensure it is being recognised as a screen (under the graphics tab)

The power supply is required to power the screen, so if it is a capacitive problem, it could be the cause of the fault, but its more likely to be the LCD panel, but it really depends on the exact symptoms, and what faults it showed before it failed. if you can provide more details, i can provide better information for you

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the screen is black. I have tried to look with light and there is nothing. I do not know what caused the problem. Can I check the output from the power supply? I am capable of checking with screen partially out of the way. Could it be the cables going to the lcd display? I do not extra parts to swap to narrow problem.


Its not likely to be the cables if it happened on its own without having been opened, unless you can see damaged, trapped or worn down cabling that is...

Its going to be a component failure. If you open up the unit, inspect every board to look for any swollen or leaking capacitors, or black charring of any kind. I had one recently that had a blown component on the main logic board which was easily identified by the charring and partially melted plastic around it. If you cannot find any visible signs of failure, then you can move onto checking the voltages, but its a very difficult thing to do with, and finding the pinouts will be tough i think


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Thank you Jon Ridley for this info, i also have an apple led cinema display 27 check my screen and i see a faint image on the screen while is black i try raising the brightness but it doesn't work, could this be the power supply?, the screen was working normally and today i find out this.

Any suggestion will appreciated, thank you.


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As it is the backlight gone, it could be one of a few causes... The backlight is a separate signal to the image, so it is normal for them to go, but if the power supply was fault, you'd usually lose both signals.

Its possible the LED driver board is gone, or it could be the LCD itself that is faulty, but ultimately, you won't know without opening it up to diagnose it. I'd suggest starting with the LED driver board first though.


Thank you Jon Ridley


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I have the same problem. I check all the power component on the logic board and everything is ok. Then I made another test, unplugged the led panel (the 3 connectors one by one).

When all the connectors are plugged -> no usb, so screen

When I unplugged the power connector of the panel -> the sub works

In any case, the screen does not appear on the pref panel


It seems that the lcd panel is guilty

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Hi all,

just signed up here, because I found a way to get my 24“ Cinema Display back to life, which I have buyed yesterday.

The Display had the following symptons:

  • no Image
  • No backlight
  • Not recognized by MacBook
  • USB Working (iSight, Hub, Sound)
  • Charging works

Looking closer to the logicboard, there were no burned spots or something else.

So I checked up the power cable to the panel, all signals there. Then checked the signal cable to the panel against the Mini DisplayPort connector: Bingo, Plug detection signal was broken. The disconnection appears near the Mini DisplayPort connector. Buyed a Hama Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter and cut the HDMI receptacle. Joined the new connector to the all in one cable from the Display... Boom, Image is there, all is Working. Here are the documents I have used to re-engineer the signal connection.



Hope this helps anybody.



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