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Model A1312 / Mid 2010 / 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 2.8 & 3.6 GHz Core i5 or 2.93 GHz Core i7, ID iMac11,3

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Display not working after adding SSD Hard drive

I have a 27" iMac 2010 model. I ordered an SSD install kit from OWC to remove the DVD drive and put the SSD in its place. A relatively simple job, or so I thought.

I was very careful to remove the glass and the LCD Panel. Watching the 4 cables, power, vsync, display, and temp. No cables were pinched or pulled, and after reading some horror stories about the display cable being easy to break the pins, I was extra careful and paranoid. The install went very smooth. The OWC SSD kit came with a bracket to replace the DVD drive with the SSD. I plugged everything back in, turned the computer on. I could hear the boot chime, but the fans seemed to be running higher then normal, and I only got vertical lines on my screen. No image.

I went back in and checked all the cables to make sure there was no damage or missed connections, everything looked good. Plugged everything back in and tried to boot up again. Still no image. But vertical lines.

I connected a separate display to verify the video card is working properly. The secondary display works. I ordered a replacement display cable from Upon installing the new cable, now I don't get any lines or picture, just black screen. I can see the backlights turn on, so it is getting power. But no image.

I have taken a magnifying glass and flashlight to check all the soder points for the display connector on the board, all of them seem to be intact with no breaks. I can press gently on the connector and it doesn't move and seems well in place.

I have tried to check the diagnostic LEDs near the RAM slot, but can't seem to identify them through the grill. I took off the RAM cover but still couldn't seem to see them. I can kind of see 1 green LED.Which either means I'm blind, or there really is only 1 green LED is on.

I am at a loss. The computer is functioning, the secondary display is working. But the main display panel is not. I can even see that the SSD is connected and working. Using the Secondary display I was able to reformat the SSD.

Knowing all this, I feel like its safe to say the Logic board is functioning correctly as well as the video card. I am worried if I take it into the Apple Store for a repair, they will just want to replace the logic board and charge me $800+ to do so. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what I can do at this point? Or did my little upgrade cost me a new logic board?



Update (12/10/2013)

After talking with my good friends at the Apple Store, the problem turned out to be the Vertical Sync cable. I am shocked as It was my understanding that this cable would not cause the display to quit working in this way. I am extremely happy knowing that I didn't kill the LCD panel or Main Logic Board. Note to others, check the VSync cable!

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Did you have to replace the cable, the connector or neither - just ensure a good connection?


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That the external monitor works indicates the major portions of your logic board are good, however, there are several internal display connectors you could have damaged.

Because you can not see/report on LED #4 no one can be certain if the display connector is damaged (From what you describe I would bet that LED #$ is out). The most likely reason it would be out (and you have the problem you have) is a damaged connector, or cable.

This sort of repair is not a DIY project. (Soldering components on computer logic boards takes special tools, solder and lots & lots of practice) An electronics shop might take it on, they would have the tools and experience required, or, the entire logic board could be replaced - this too is an advanced DIY project, even more so than adding an SSD.

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Thanks for your input, From what I can tell I think there are 2 green LEDs on. I am shocked as to how I could damage the logic board or the display connectors. I was so careful in removing the display. I did replace the display cable. But still no image. I examined the connectors again with a magnifying glass and I can see no breaks in the pins or soder points. Everything seems solid. I don't know what to do.


I think LED #3 must be lit as the external monitor is working. Why the onboard display isn't can be boiled down to just a few possibilities. Trouble with any one (or all) of these: vertical sync cable, data display cable, the display or the backlight power cable. If the backlight power cable is the problem shining a strong light through the back should allow you to faintly see the desktop. If you have no image at all I would think data display cable/connector. Getting a diagnosis/estimate from Apple may be your best shot at solving the mystery.


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