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booting hdd on pc

can you try to boot hdd using a pc

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No, I am afraid booting the Xbox One on a PC would be near impossible as the MBR for the Xbox One and the Windows operating systems are very different. It is very likely that Microsoft utilized the NTFS or similarly based OS to create the partitions on the drive based on the fact that iFixIt's teardownshows the partitions on their Mac OS Drive Manager. The simple fact remains that they have always implemented versions of older operating systems that have the ability to detect and ensure the Operating system is running on the proper environment. FatX used by the Xbox and Xbox 360 utilized a security sector to help the drive not only identify that it was being used on an Xbox, but also to prevent the drive from being duplicated to a bigger one.

I don't doubt you would be able to connect the drive to your current PC and read the drive, but as far as moving data back and forth, you are probably going to have to wait for a hack.

It would be a crippling blow to the Microsoft if you could simply run the Xbox One OS on your PC.

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I am pretty sure that the OS is on the Flash Chip on the motherboard.

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I can confirm that it is in the hard drive. . . . I've worked on several xboxes


I should have said I believe the flash chip contains some kind of BIOS that can boot the Xbox long enough to display the recovery screen if it detects an issue with the HDD or OS install.


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