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Where are the spark plugs in a Vauxhall Corsa?

please tell me were thay are,vauxhall corsa

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I can link you to a thread here that seems to answer the problem.

Here is a excerpt:

Look at the front of the chrome plate.

Follow the front edge along to the right.

Look down a bit into the engine bay, and a little more to the right.

There should be some leads there that seem to come from towards the front,bottom, right-hand side of the block and head up and under the right edge of the chrome plate.

I would guess that's the HT leads.

Thanks to "Rob H" from that thread for that.

Let us know... Frank

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+ Ralph


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year/model/engine ? (they are on the streets since '82)

sure - i could guess - but they under the cover in the center of the engine top

but look at the distributor cap - (mostly on the right side) - there are 3 or 4 cables (depending on the engine) goning to the engine - at the end of the cables are the spark plugs

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