HP Pavilion 700 desktop computer.

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Computer will not start

HP Pavilion 700. When I switch on the fan

runs for about 30 secs nothing appears on

the monitor, then switches off.

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a normal procedure is to unplug everything until you only have:

power supply, motherboard, a single RAM module, processor with fan, a graphic card and a keyboard. In this minimum configuration the PC has to start....graphics bios....bios....no boot device found.

If that configuration works, bit by bit plug everything back in until the failure shows up again and you have your "troublemaker".

If the configuration does not work, take another graphic card....try if it works. Take another RAM Module.........try if it works. Take another keyboard......try if it works. Take another power supply..............try if it works. If it still doesn't works its the motherboard or the processor.

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+ Ralph


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you could try changing the motherboard battery, and also look for a small 3 pin "jumper" on the M/B close to the battery, which might say "reset", maybe not, but if moved to the other two pins, (using the center one in both instances) then move it back to it's original location, after a few minutes, might get your bios re-written, just incase there's a problem with that software stored there, I've recovered many dead PC's with just that one little trick. good luck

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I just spent ALOT of time resolving this very issue with an HP Pavilion A1010Y.

It turned out to be the following:

The Heatsink frame had cracked and 2 of the 4 screws that hold the Heatsink to the CPU for cooling, weren't doing their job.

Also, NO Thermal Paste remained.

I replaced the Heatsink, Fan and Thermal Paste and Now it works fine.

Sounds like yours is overheating, just like the one I just fixed.

Good Luck


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plese replace your smps .............ok

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