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The Canon EOS 7D was Canon's first high end professional camera with an APS-C crop sensor.

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My cannon EOS 7D is not turning

My cannon EOS 7D is not turning on despite using a fully charged battery. Instead an empty signal of battery flashes at the top LCD (where f/nos, s/speed and ISO are displayed). The camera is 1.5 years old. I purchased 3 batteries as someone suggested me it as a battery problem. But none of them could turn on my camera. The empty signal flashes even the power switch is not ON i.e. in OFF position also. Please help.

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Sounds like a micro fuse on the DC/DC board. Not something a DIYer is able to repair. It would transpire that the fuse has shorted for a good reason. This can be caused by something like removing the lens while the camera is still turned on. So even if the fuse was shorted, an engineer would need to know why.

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Are you sure you know what you are talking about, do you realize what you are saying when you say a fuse has "shorted?" I think you mean to say the fuse has opened, the exact opposite of a short. A short means that current is diverted around the fuse, totally defeating the purpose of a fuse.

Since you suggest that there could be an open or blown fuse, can you supply a photo of the DC/DC board that contains the fuse and the location of the fuse?


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Same question from my side.

It's sure that DC/DC board is damaged due to screw loosen from flash board and they open so called micro fuse or ...may be some FET is gone. Again its the job of some learned engineer. End of the story is; has anybody repaired the DC/DC board.If yes,then It will definitely help in lowering the cost.


I have opened my 7d up , but no physical damage is on the fuse u discribed. 101 is the number written on the top of the said fuse. so what should I do next.?



@debrown47 you cannot determine the condition of a fuse based on its physical appearance. You have to check it for continuity at least.


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