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How do I fix corrupted registry file?

Acer Inspire 5315 w/ Windows Vista Home Edition. When booting I get Windows Boot Manager "failed to start". I get instructions to insert Windows installation disc. I have no discs or documentation.

I get "Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt."

how do I fix?

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I cannot boot computer. I get these errors as soon as I turn the machine on.


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To Fix corrupted registry download a reliable System Utilities, go to famous website download.cnet and search there Reginout. Which I personally use and recommend the friends.

Following are the main benefits of using Reginout:-

- Repair and clean registry errors crashes and freezes in applications and programs.

- Optimize and speed up internet through the internet optimizer feature.

- Clean up the backyard.

- System Cleanup Registry Cleaner

- Internet Optimizer feature Services Optimizer

- Defragmenter Startup Manager

You can also go for Ccleaner. Its a good program to fix some PC issues, but i don't know well about their benefits.


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They best way to fix registry is by using Ccleanr. You can easily download Ccleaner from or Once installed then you need to run and scan the errors in registry and after that apply fixes. But please make sure to backup your registry before applying fixes. Good Luck

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