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Palm rest sensor failing, How to replace it?

Hi everyone,

For quite a long time now my MacBook Pro has its fans spinning at 6000RPM right after booting up.

After running the Apple Hardware Test I got an alert saying : "4SNS/1/40000000: TsoP".

According to what I found on Google it's the palm rest sensor that messes everything.

My question is: Where is it? What should I buy to replace it? Is there a guide with high quality pictures to guide me in my repair?


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I have worked multiple times on my old A1226 and as far as I know there is no sensor on the palmrest. I don't know what it would be sensing anyway.

Hope this helps,

John H. Laney

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Hello John,

Thank you for your answer. How come the AHT would say there's a problem with a palm rest sensor if there's no sensor?

That sensor would probably control the temperature, wouldn't it?

Anyway thanks again!



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