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iPhone 4S Battery does not charge


I've replaced the USB dock connector on my iphone 4S as explained on your website.

But now when I plug the iphone the battery does not charge anymore. When it's plugged, the battery logo show the electric power logo but not the charging one so the battery does not charge.

I've verified the dock connection, and the battery connection and nothing changes.

I've also tried to plug the old dock connector (without reainstalling everything but just plugging it on the socket) and it does the same thing).

Do you know where the problem can come from ?

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Why did you change the dock connector? Have you tried a new battery? That is definitely where I would start.


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I'd say it could be a connection issue via the motherboard. However, I believe you when you say you have overly checked. So, my next question is where did you get your dock connection? But seeing that you are having the same issue with your old connection, this would be my suggestion.

1) Make sure your dock connection is clean.

2)Update to the most recent Itunes

3) Use the updated version of itunes to update your phone to most recent

If connection does not work after that try

4) Restart your phone

5) If restarting does not work, Reset the iphone.

-Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button

and the Home button at the same time for

at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo resets.

Let me know if this has helped

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I 'm at work so I can't update my itunes. I have the latest version of iOS for iphone 4s which is 6.1.3. I had already tried to reset, restart, restore...

I'm going to recheck the motherboard connections. Juste to be sure this could only come from two parts: the dock connector (to the motherboard) or the battery connector (to ther motherboard)?


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(keep in mind when doing a soft reset (20 seconds home&power together) that the home button is attached to the charging port so that one has to be connected to the motherboard.

I know a girl that couldn't charge her phone and she just had to do this reset...

If that doesn't work, you could send it to They fixed my motherboard last week.

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So I went to a shop yesterday they've tried to change the battery, the dock connector. THey say it's a mother board problem. :( It's weird that happenened when I changed the dock connector... And now apple doesn't want to fix the phone :(


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