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The V2000 is a Compaq Presario notebook computer developed by HP under the Compaq name. The V2000 is the sibling of the HP DV1000, so the two share many features and specifications, though the DV1000 cost about USD $100 more when both computers were sold in the early 2000s.

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Laptop wont turn on after "bootmgr missing ctrl alt del restart"?

I was trying to do a fresh install on the laptop. First thing i did was wipe out the partition and changed the boot order to: HD -> CD/DVD -> then the rest. When i save settings on the set up and the laptop restarted it showed the message "bootmgr missing ctrl alt del restart" , when i pressed ctrl+alt+del the computer shut down and has not turned on since. I tried removing the battery, draining it, and my other methods found online without success. Please help!

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Hi, Here is a link to the troubleshooting section from the maker of your computer. One thing to try would be to hit esc when booting your computer or possibly F12 and select the cd/dvd drive as the first boot device. Good luck

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Thanks for the link. I can't try what you have suggested because my issue is that the computer WONT TURN ON at all! So i press the power button and nothing happens. I dont understand how this happened after it showed the message "bootmgr missing ctrl alt del restart" and i pressed the keys.


Here is a link to someone who corrected the problem on her computer.

And here is a link to a google page listing several possible cures. Good luck.


And here is another link to a google page listing several cures.


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How did You wiped your partions directly or while booting? and check whether your OS CD/DVD working properly and try it with another CD/DVD...

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I booted from the CD then i selected the partition i wanted to format. I am sure the CD works properly.


Thanks Sampath. I checked it out, and it seems promising. My main issue is that i can't try any of this troubleshooting since my laptop doesn't TURN ON at all. I didn't see anything in the link that can help me determine what's wrong in my case.

Thanks again.


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