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Introduced in 2003, the Dell Inspiron 5100 is identified by the model number PP07L.

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powers on but no boot then turns off

power turns on but then turns off again without booting.... swaped HD... swaped memory...

reseated the video cd... anyother suggestions ????


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blank screen.. will NOT f2 to BIOS...... on AC power with good battery.......


do you have anything showing on the screen? Have you tried an external monitor?


blank screen... external monitor blank also....


will not display the Dell splash screen, can NOT cause error by holding down 2 or more keys..... did get the power to stay on by using ddr 333Mhz but thats all it does.....


can NOT find cmos battery...... I've had it all apart now.......

must be soldered chip on the MB...... still no luck.....


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Hi, Here is a link to the manual for your unit--check out troubleshooting. You should replace the CMOS battery as a good first step. Good luck.


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Pull the main battery, then hold the power button for about 30 seconds. That works for some Dell models.

The RTC battery (not CMOS anymore, just powers the clock) is prob on the back side of the mobo.


Ok...just thought of something else. Is there a button on your battery with four or five LEDs? It'll be one of those soft membrane buttons. A fully charged battery will light all the LEDs lit for a moment when you press the button. One light is a discharged battery. Flashing lights: battery is deceased and needs recycled. A deceased battery can sometimes prevent the laptop from running, even with a good charger.

Is your charger working properly? Should be ~19V between the outer part of the plug (ground) and the inner ring of the connector. (don't mess with the pin, it's not relevant now) Can you try a different charger?

What often happens when the battery is dead due to a bad charger...it has just enough power to get the boot started then it runs out of juice, giving the symptom you're seeing.

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Hi John.. yes, I tried pulling the battery... no luck...... still same problems....... I guess it ready for the junk pile........


Pulled the battery and pressed the main power button for 30 seconds as suggested. Solved the problem!!!!


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Its seems like your Dell VGA has gone bad and is over heating the CPU this could be a heat sink problem. check if you can have it replaced.

Good Luck.

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