Water damage, no volume control with external volume buttons

Five related sound issues:

1. External sound buttons on side do not change volume except when ear buds are plugged in. Without earbuds the volume image appears but no indicator of volume changes shows underneath the speaker image.

2. If external mute button is switched on, the bell image shows struck through. Changing the mute button to switched off, the bell image appears (not struck through) and it shows with current volume indicator of dots displayed underneath. The volume is not controllable with external sound buttons unless earbuds are plugged-in. Without the earbuds the image will not display current volume level nor can the volume be changed.

3. Click sounds in games and keyboard-use cannot be heard on external speaker, but can be heard on ear buds.

4. Ringer works for phone calls and voice can be heard through ear speaker and/or the bottom speaker if sound is put on external speaker. Sound plays at existing sound level, but is not changeable until earbuds are attached.

5. Utilities/Sound/volume slider operates regardless of whether earbuds attached or not.

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