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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Part number for the built-in Thunderbolt-MagSafe combo cable?

I bought a Thunderbolt display on eBay and received it without the cables!

I am trying to find the part number to buy the cable assembly, so that I can use it.


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I have two TB displays, one of which has a damaged cable, so I could no longer daisy chain with my Mac Pro. However, a standalone TB cable (male, both ends) in the ports in the rear solved the problem. Best $30 I've ever spent! Apple contradicted itself as to whether this would work. Repair at Apple store would have been $115.


You mean in the back where the other plugs are (the usb and all ? Like, not where the original is, in the back hole close to power cord ?


The magsafe/thunderbolt cable got damaged. Any USBs behind the display got unaccessible. Display audio was intermittent. Steve's solution worked as charm, and I can daisy chain the damaged cable to a Thunderbolt 2 external storage without an issue.


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Did someone cut the cable off or is it just missing because they couldn't get the replacement part?

As far as I can find out you'll need to talk directly with Apple to get the special cable (no part number listed for it). FYI - you can use a regular Thunderbolt cable if you have to (review the guide). Good Luck

Here's the iFixIt guide so you can replace it 27" Thunderbolt display


Here's an image of the cable end the other is mounted directly on the display (not intended to be removable)

Block Image

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I looked at the teardown, just what special cable are talking about?


In the teardown Step 10 shows the internal connection of the cable. If you had to you could use a standard Thunderbolt cable (threading it through the back) but you'll loose the MagSafe connection to charge your laptop.


Just to confirm. Can I just buy a Thunderbolt cable (two males on both ends) and plug it into the port inside the monitor (without the whole cable assembly) and it will work? I don't need the Magsafe of anything else I just need to be able to plug it into my Thunderbolt port on my laptop. Thank You.


Sure you can also do that. Is getting the correct part an issue? The built-in power service (MagSafe) it one of its selling points as you don't need a second power outlet.


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The Thunderbolt-MagSafe combo cable is Apple Assembly # 922-9941, available on eBay.

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Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable (2.0 m) is a two meter long cable that has a Thunderbolt connection on both ends and can be used for connecting Thunderbolt devices and peripherals to a Mac which has at least one Thunderbolt port.

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My cable's still okay but a few years use with an air has bent it all out of shape. Does anyone know if the other thunderbolt port on the display would work for hooking up a Mac Mini, or is it the directly mounted cable or nothing?


No, you'll need to replace the cable


A bit late but: yes you can use the Thunderbolt port on the Display to connect a Mac Mini via a separate Thunderbolt cable. If nothing is connected to the directly mounted cable then it will work the same ;)


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I had same issue i cut the magsafe cable and looks like it start working now like a charm, will wait few day to see whats going on

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