2012 Mac Mini with hard drives swapped from factory?

I built a custom Mac Mini for a friend yesterday, and after opening it up to install the dual drive kit, realized that this factory Mini had the drive in the top bay. The dual drive kit won't work on this machine as it is missing the cable for the lower bay. Have you ever seen this? Let me know if you need any info from the machine.

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There have been a few reports of Apple using a different HD layout in the newest models (drive in the upper HD bay now). At this point I don't know of any kit which has the needed cable.

If you can get to an authorized Apple service center (independent store) they may be willing to order the lower bay cable from Apple for you.

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I just got a bunch of the newer systems in my self just last week and will need to do add in a second drive to them soon as well. So I too am looking for the magical lower cable on the open market as well (cheaper).


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