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The original Blackberry Bold smartphone, featuring various improvements from older Blackberry models.

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How do I fix it after a coffee spill?

My blackberry Bold 9000 will not turn on, the keypad wont light up.

When I plug it into the computer the red LED light flashes, but it wont turn on. and the computer doesn't pick it up.

What is wrong with my bb Bold 9000?

How do I fix it?

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It will most likely need taken apart completely and cleaned. Possible need a new battery. But the best thing to do it take it apart and clean the board and components with the purest alcohol you can find and a soft brush. (toothbrush works pretty well)

Theres no telling what has been damaged untill you clean it up and test things out.

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Okay now I bought a new battery the other day, but the red light now flashes even when it is not plugged in to the pc.

It flashes all the time.

What could be the problem now?


If you have cleaned the board well and it has a new battery. It may be damaged beyond repair....or at least beyond normal repair process without testing individual components on the board and re soldering them. I'm not sure what the red flashing light means on a blackberry as I rarely repair them.....and when I do its mostly just screen replacements.

Perhaps someone with more blackberry experience can chime in on the flashing light?


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