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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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Why is my device typing and scrolling on is own

My device acts like its typing,scrolling and opening programs on its own.its all jumping around so much Im worried it will delete or open programs call contacts Im not wanting to contact.Ive run several mobile anti-virus apps and they came up clean.I had left my cell in a friends car and got it back days later in this state.No new apps were installed.

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Sounds like a software issue, but could be something as simple as a dirty screen. Had a Nexus one that would randomly open apps/type on its own. Turned out to be the trac-ball button was sticking. Your phone doesn't have a trac-ball, and I'm guessing you already tried cleaning off the screen, so either you have a software issue or are in need of a new digitizer...I'm not 100% but that would be my best guess. Also, if you've noticed the event occurring after installing something, it can't hurt to try uninstalling it and seeing if it corrects the problem. Good luck!

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