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A tasty fruit, orange in color. Not to be mistaken for an Apple. Repair is impossible, as getting into the device ruins it forever.

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Why my new orange has no service?

After several hours on the line, I got two of these incredible devices but when I try to use it: both oranges has no service! I try to open one of these devices but the anti-opening system squirt me acid on my eyes. The other one isn't opened. What is happening?

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Make sure there is no corrison on the SIM cards and try again.

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This helped fix my old orange that was not working anymore


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You're trying to use an orange instead of an Apple. Try one of these:

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Try this from ifixit

[produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF145-221]

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fruit fruit fruit fruit

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First, disable the anti-opening system by taking a butter knife and making a minor incision in the bottom. Then, holding the device in the original orientation and over a sink, gently squeeze the Orange to release the acid still in it. Now, turn it so the incision faces you and lengthen it and deepen it so that you can locate the internal antenna (IA). Wrap a piece of wire or a paperclip around the antenna. Route the wire out of the incision. To seal said incision, use a needle and strong, thick thread and sew the device up. I think that should do you.

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The central antenna is a design flaw in the orange, considering how much flesh is around the antenna. The Apple overcomes this flaw with a slimmer profile, which allows for the antenna to be in a less congested area in the device.


Gradually, slowly deepen the incision.


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