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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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Nintendo DS does not power on.

DS doesnt power on. Orange light comes on when A/C is pluged in and battery charges. When i press power button the green light comes on and then top screen flashes and bottom screen doesnt come on, then the DS turns off. i checked the fuses F1 and F2 and jumped both fuses, but the same thing still happens. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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There is a short in the system. Good chance you have water damage. Check the lower LCD backlight cable and connection. It is the small cable on the right under the larger video cable. The other small one is for the digitizer. There is also a good chance it is the ribbon cable that runs from the motherboard in the lower part to the daughter board in the upper part. Either that cable isn't seated properly or it has been compromised (broke).

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There is an inductor that is poorly soldered on the board. If your good with a soldering iron it is a very simple fix. Google L2 inductor and you will find the info on how to do it

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This happened to me as well. If your fuses are okay then you should check if all your connection cables(flex cables,etc.) are all properly connected.

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how about just get a new battery

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