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How to install 2009 logic board into early 2008 mbp?

Once the warranty expires I want to install a more modern logic board from a 2009 model MacBook Pro 15 into my pre-unibody 2008 MacBook Pro 15. Having measured the case size of both systems I've realized there is enough space to work in as the unibody is only 1/5 of an inch wide and deeper. Most answers I've seen have said this can't be done, which is exactly why I want to do it. I'm aware that succeeding in this will require a lot of work. I've also looked at pictures of the both the logic boards and the internal layouts of both computers, and I believe the smaller size of the newer logic boards will work in my favor. I'm wondering how one would go about accomplishing this admittedly difficult task. Please bear in mind that if you wish to say that this or that can't be done, find another thread. I'd greatly appreciate directions and ideas on how to accomplish this. I have no problem making modifications to the internal layout if that's what is necessary. Thanks in advance everyone.

Take care.

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You will have much, much, MUCH more success at this endeavor by doing the following:

Sell your 2008 MacBook

Buy a used 2009 MacBook

The net difference in cost will be much less than buying a motherboard for a 2009 model, then likely destroying it by trying to fit it into a chassis it wasn't designed for and interfacing it with components that are incompatible. Even if you don't destroy the new motherboard, you'll need to resell it and reassemble your 2008 again anyway.

These are two completely different models with different cooling systems, display components, etc. People are telling you it can't be done because they're trying to save you time and money. Take their advice, and trust the experts. I've modded many things, but this is one project that even I would not touch.

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That is a logical argument and a good answer. So I guess that while it CAN be done, a smarter and more logical option is to switch up to the unibody model and play with that one? The warranty expires on my mbp sometime in July or August 2011 - I imagine the unibody mbps will be a lot cheaper by then. I know there were some differences between the original unibody mbps and the mid 09 to present models - would it be more practical than this to buy a late 08 / early 09 unibody and install the newer logic board?


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