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What to do with a broken front quickly?

Welcome. I have iphone 5th Unfortunately, the one place I have broken glass. Can I replace only the broken part? Sincerely Waldemar B.

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I feel your pain. My daughter just bought one and within the first week it went in the sink. Is there a chance you purchased AppleCare on it when you bought it? If you did then Apple will fix it for the first two breakage's for $49 per accident.

the link:

It says you must purchase within 30 days of your purchase. But it has to be inspected prior to purchasing.

I guess it comes down to how well you know the folks were you bought it from.

good luck.

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No. On the pre-iPhone 5, the front glass and LCD (screen) were separate parts. On the iPhone 5, the front glass and LCD (screen) are fused together during manufacturing.

This makes replacement expensive and why I recommend to my clients not to buy or upgrade to the iPhone 5. The part alone can cost $200 or more plus labor.

I would really suggest contacting Apple, your service provider, or if you paid for it with your credit card, some credit card companies automatically have insurance on purchased goods. Also, if for example, you accidentally ran over it with your car, your car insurance may cover it.

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Due to the iPhone 5's design, you'll have to replace the entire display assembly.

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