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Lançado em junho de 2012, modelo A1278. Processador Intel com Turbo Boost, até 512 MB DDR5 de RAM vídeo

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Logic Board Upgrade Options for my Replacement?


Macbook Pro 13" Model A1278

Two ports are out on my Macbook. Apple says my Logic Board had gone bad, not covered under warrenty.

I am going to replace it myself. Before I buy, I am curious.... if I have to replace anyway, are there any upgrade options? Are there other Logic Boards that will fit in this computer that will make my computer faster?

Thank You,

Bill Valentine

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Just why is this not covered under warranty?


It has mild water damage that voided the warrenty.


Btw.. I cracked the macbook open last night. I did see the corrosion in one area. The computer works near perfect. One USB port and the Card Reader is dead... Other than that, it's a fine machine. I think I am going to research and try to clean the logic board. Way cheaper than replacing and I am reading about good results.


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As this model had a low end and a high end option you could fit the higher end logic board into it. In this case the i5 2.5GHz to an i7 2.9GHz based logic board for the same model.

Here's the iFixIt guide MBP 13' logic bd replacement.

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If you have an i5 you should be able to switch to an i7, but check with your vendor that the boards match.

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