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Is it worth repairing a 2006 Mac Mini Model A1176

Mistakenly , a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter was connected to try to power up a dead Mac-book Pro. The result is that there is no power in Mac mini. An authorised Apple repair store says with it being Vintage they will not order spares! any recommendations please?

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Start by checking your power brick for output--if bad they are fairly inexpensive to replace. If it should be good you must ask yourself what software you have that runs on this older computer and how important it is to you. I'm sure you can find a replacement of this generation for a reasonable cost and keep yours for parts. I am including an Apple guide for troubleshooting a computer that won't start as it may be a simple problem. Also including a teardown guide for the Mini. Good luck.



Here is a link to the ebay page for 2006 Mini computers and parts.


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I would invest in a new computer. Bummer!

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This suggestion does not help.


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