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Problem Topcase - Keyboard and Trackpad not working

Hi all,

I have a white macbook A1181.

It is a 2,4Ghz Core 2 Duo.

I have a problem with my topcase.

I tried a lot of things already, but then I do not know.

He was no longer detected. I replaced it and same result.

I cleaned the connector with alcohol with a brush ... But nothing was done.

I redid the solder points of the connector and now it works!

But only 1 minutes or 2 ... After it stops functioning without doing anything ...

I do not really know what to do ..

Any ideas?

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Will an external keyboard and mouse work?


Thank you for the interest you have shown in my problem!

There is no liquid was poured on.

I'll do the test with USB keyboard / mouse in the day ...

I come to you with the result



ok, if I connect a keyboard and a mouse that works perfectly ...!


there's any alternative points where I could solder the pins of connectors?


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My guess is that it's not the keyboard or trackpad that is physically damaged, but rather the connections from those to your logic board. If you resoldered it and it worked for a minute then you're on a good lead. Try redoing the solder very carefully, and make sure it's impeccable. Then try that. If that doesn't work, look at other points along the connection cable, including where it meets both sides.

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yes, the problem is really weird!

Because every startup without touching anything at all it works again 1 or 2 minutes.

In parallel if a mouse is plugged in via USB, when the trackpad stops functioning mouse it run continuously all the time!!

I tried with other topcase and the result is the same.

I've already redone a lot of spot weld...


So if you've swapped out the top with another one and they both have the same problem, it's probably the MacBook side that's faulty here.

I'm not sure if Apple does this, but you could try updating the "BIOS" equivalent, but probably call it "firmware" or something. I'd research it for you if I had the time, but you can probably find what you're looking for. So try to find a firmware update for your MacBook, and maybe that'll help with your problem.


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Sounds like liquid damage (top case problems and sudden quitting). Follow the tags on the right for more advice/steps to take in diagnosing & reviving the logic board.

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I looking on google the BIOS but I can not find anything...


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Recently I refurbished a Macbook A1181 (version 4.1 , the one @2.4Ghz) and I had the same issue.

When I finished the repair and mounted the keyboard and trackpad back on, as well as the battery, I realized they where not responsive, despite the power button still worked.

I read in a forum there was an issue with this particular model and the ground level, making that both the keyboard and the trackpad don't work.

What I did was sticking a tiny little piece of a plastic sheet between the metal case and a little gold V-shaped connector that is spotted in the left side of the battery connector board (if you watch it from the pins side), to avoid contact between them. This worked for me.

Hope this helps.

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I had a similar problem was solved by replacing the trackpad and cable.

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