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upgrade keyboard to 2011 model with backlight?

Hi, I've been searching but can't find much on this matter. I'm wondering if it's possible to upgrade the keyboard on the Macbook air 2010 with the one from 2011 as the 2011 keyboard has back light. Any ideas would be great thanks.



I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a keyboard with back light supposedly for the 2011 a1369. I ordered 2.

I installed one on a a1466 and the other one on a 2010 a1369 (no backlight one) - Funny that I had 2 macbook airs with liquid damage the same week..


They both worked on both machines no problems. For the a1466 it was straight forward plug and play. Backlight worked great no problems same with all the keys.

For the a1369 it was a little different. Keyboard did plug in fine and worked no problems Although the first row of F keys needed to be taken out from old keyboard as they did not match with was was pressed. Also the backlight was at a different spot (from where it should connect) Additionally, there's no slot for it so it has to be soldered onto the logic board (figure out which is +/- plus I don't think there's controller for it so I abandoned that idea and I was too lazy ~ not that it benefits me anyway, it would only benefit the customer and they probably woudn't pay for it so yeah..

End of the story, macbook air keyboards are interchangeable but it is riveted onto the top case. Unless the keyboard is failing, don't take it out. It wasn't too difficult to pry it out basically you just need to pull on it and the rivets will break. They're not necessary as the battery and logic board keep it in place.

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Just wondering about the "Additionally, there's no slot for it so it has to be soldered onto the logic board " comment. You say you gave up on it? Do we have to do soldering or not to get it to work and hold up? If not needed why would we do it?


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No. . . in addition to the keyboard you'd need a power/controller mod on the logic board which your old box doesn't have.

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Nice thread! Can you describe how to mod. the logicboard for power supply to get the power for the backlight keyboard?


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i know this is an old thread but i have a cousin with 2010 air and wants back light has anyone else attempted this or know how to do just wondering if i could safely do and make him happy

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Well it is fixable depending on the issue. It could be the fuse, the connector for the LCD, the LCD cable or the led driver. Hard to tell without seeing it but more than likely the fuse.


It's not the fuse, the 2010 MBA just didn't ship with a backlit keyboard. Apple re-added it later in the 2011 model though.

The 2010 model is the only MBA without a backlit keyboard.

Also, sorry for disturbing the peace of this old thread ;)


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