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USB ports will charge, will not recognize

I have tried several different usb devices in my laptop, they all show power going to them, but my laptop will not recognize them. Any thoughts on how to fix?

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What OS are you using. This sounds like a driver problem but we need more info to answer. Ralph


The os is xp. However, I apologize, I did fail to mention something that may be significant. Before this problem started the computer started smoking one day and nothing seemed to be affected except for the usb ports.


The model is 6020GZ, the model number is ma2. The smoke appeared to be coming out of the cooling vent, so I can't say for sure as the fan could have been pulling the smoke from elsewhere. As far as whether the usb failed immediately I can't say. It was several days after the smoke occured that I tried to use the usb ports.


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I need to know exactly which Gateway you have so I may look up a how to or so. we need to be able to safely open the machine to look for damage to the ports or system board. Where was the smoke and how bad was it? Did your USB fail to work immediately after the smoke incident? Get back to me on these steps and we can plan the next move. Ralph

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OK here is the URL for you to download the users guide for your computer. Study it and open up your computer and look for damaged (burned) components. If you don't find any let me know and we will look at drivers. Ralph


And here is the URL for drivers for your unit. Ralph


I went ahead and opened the computer. It looks as though the processor is what was burnt. I don't know much, but wouldn't a burnt processor prevent the computer from working at all? Just to verify, the component that I found burnt is on page 4 of the url you gave me (intel chip, lower left of exposed panel) . Thanks for all the help so far. Kyle.


At this point I would suggest you borrow or buy a card like these and see if you are able to use your USB devices. Before doing that you may want to consider reinstalling XP. Ralph


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