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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Computer will not power up when attaching printer or VGA monitor

I'm trying to add a remote VGA monitor and an HP5mp laser printer to my wife's Powerbook G4. I'm using a Mini Centronics to USB cable for the printer and the Apple adapter (DVI to VGA PN#603-3342) for the monitor. When either one is connected, it will not allow the Powerbook to start up. If you try to plug the USB into a running laptop the computer sparks and shuts down. (Quality protection built in). The wireless connection to a color printer works well but would like to use the HP for normal B&W printing.

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To be able to print on this old (but great printer), you'll need a bridge. I like the AsantePrint. You can probably get a good deal on eBay for this. Here's what it looks like:

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You might be using a new USB 3 cable when you ned an old USB 1.0 version. You could try connecting a Self-Powered USB HUB your printer might be drawing too much current.

On a laptop that age (at least 7yrs) the solder joints on the ports could be cracked. . . if the unit is not working you have nothing to loose by a "DIY reflow" but that would be a difficult or advanced DIY - you'd have to strip the logic board out, carefully apply some new resin to the solder joints then apply heat or bake the board in an oven and reinstall it, with no guarantee that it would work any better (but such DIY "fixes" have/do work for a while).

How much time, effort you want to invest is up to you

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