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Tiger - remove old admin

Hi. About 18 months ago I bought a used iBook G4 14" laptop with Tiger installed and on "Replacement DVD" media with the intention of giving to my granddaughter when she was old enough to use it. She's now 8-1/2, so I decided to make it a Christmas gift. I knew that the previous owner's profile was still on it - the user privileges were not password protected, and I figured I could reinstall Tiger from DVD and start clean just before I gave it to her (now). That apparently was naive. Reinstall requires sysadmin privileges, and the sysadmin profile from previous owner _is_ password protected. I can no longer contact that person. What are my options to do a clean install of Tiger from DVD on this computer? Is there some relatively simple work-around to remove that admin profile and/or reformat the drive? Or am I condemned to physically replacing the HDD with a new one to do this (I have a suitable drive, I just didn't want to do what looks like a byzantine replacement operation unless there was no other choice. Thanks in advance!


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Don't dispare here! Yes, you can reformat the HD, but in doing so you will loose anything thats on it now.

If you can get an external HD (firewire {best for speed} or USB) use Apples Time Machine to make a backup of your current files (yours) so you can restore them afterwards.

Use the DVD to boot your system it should prompt you if you want to reformat the drive, if not select it from the pull down menu.

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Answer is correct, but incomplete, at least for someone largely unfamiliar with the Mac and OSX. While I did get this to work, several steps were not mentioned, e.g. "C" on boot to pull up the needed options menu(s).



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After a new user is set up - go under the Apple in the upper left hand corner to sysstem preferences > Users and groups. Set up a new user with administrative privileges. Go under the Apple to log of user and then select the new user. Go back to Users & Groups. Open the old user and unlock it. Now delete the old user.

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